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How Nexium Control works

You could feel the difference in just one day

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Some people will feel a big difference in one day, but it may take 2-3 days to feel the full effect. You can take Nexium Control for up to 14 days, but you can stop taking it as soon as you feel complete relief from heartburn.

Here’s how Nexium Control works day by day:

If you take Nexium Control treatment for 14 days and see no change in your symptoms, consult your GP as soon as possible.

With Nexium Control you could enjoy life without heartburn

Lemon slice

For 24-hour protection from heartburn and
acid reflux

Cup of coffee

With just 1 pill a day , Nexium Control helps you to control your heartburn

Peppermint leaf

You can feel confident going out for dinner or having a drink

Can of soda

Nexium Control is clinically proven to relieve night-time heartburn for a good night’s sleep

Salt Shaker

Nexium Control reduces stomach acid production at the source to provide relief all day and night

Hot peppers

Helps restore your life to how it should be - heartburn free

No other Heartburn remedy lasts longer*

See how Nexium Control compares to other products

Lasts up to 1-3 hours
Quick, short term relief that neutralizes the excess acid of occasional heartburn. Multiple doses may be required throughout the day.

Lasts up to 4hrs
Quick, short term relief that forms a barrier in the stomach to block acid. Multiple doses may be required throughout the day.

Lasts up to 12hrs
Intermediate duration relief of heartburn. H2 blockers stop signals to the stomach to produce acid.

Lasts up to 24hrs
One pill offers up to 24 hour protection from heartburn by controlling the proton pumps that produce acid.

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